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Site Features / FAQ
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Site Features/FAQ

What is BCFreePages.com?

BCFreePages.com is designed to be a free information store for British Columbia.

What are Event Listings?
Event listings are any upcoming events around British Columbia.
For an example, if you have a social event planned, you can publish the event using "Event Announcements",
100% free.
You can use site's "self serve" features to list your entries (Click on "Add your Event free!" link on the main page).


What is BCFreePages Directory?
BCFreePages Directory is a listing of information entries of use to residents of BC and visitors. You can add your own directory entries using this site, 100% free.
You can use site's "self serve" features to list your entries (Click on "Add to Directory" link on the main page).

How do I stop displaying my entry?
To stop an entry from displaying, set the "entry expire date" to yesterday (in the entry edit page).

How do I disable my account?
First Expire all your active entries, and then remove your email address ("change my info" option on your home page.)

How do I add an image to my entry/event?
To show an image, image should be hosted on the web. You can use any free image hosting site to host your image. We sometimes use http://tinypic.com/; as this is one of the most user friendly, free image hosting sites; we have come across.
Then you can add an image (click on image/picture button) and list the URL (from the hosing site) as the source.


Site Features
1. Free Event Listings
    “Self event creation mechanism” to list your own events.


2. Free Directory listings
    “Self entry creation” to create your own directory entry.


3. Private messaging system.
    A complete messaging system, to start a discussion with selected members.

4. Forum.


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